New York City Commercial Leasing provides information on leasing commercial space & commercial real estate in New York City.

Park Avenue Plaza (acquisition of site, air rights and unutilized development rights)
499 Park Avenue
Stamford Executive Center (CT)
Midtown FBI Building
Assay House
30 Broad Street
Broad Financial Center
45 Broadway Atrium
Two Broadway (Fast track reconstruction)

Property Leasing Programs (Landlord and Tenant Representation)
Park Avenue Plaza
499 Park Avenue
535 Madison Avenue
30 Broad Street
299 Park Avenue
53 Park Place
Bendel Building
Galeria Building (57th Street)
540 Madison Avenue
725 Fifth Avenue
Yellowstone Shopping Center (Long Island, NY)
Inner Harbor Office Tower (MD)
North Shore University Hospital Research Building (Long Island, NY)
New Jersey industrial parks (warehouses and manufacturing complexes - multiple sites)
Stamford Executive Center (CT)
American Management Building
Brinks High Security Warehouses (various sites, nationally)
Morgan Guaranty (9 W. 57th Street)
Galleria Shopping Center (White Plains, NY)
Two Broadway
535 Madison Avenue
53-57 Park Place

Purchase/Sale Transactions
919 Third Avenue
Pan Am Building
Chrysler properties
Ford Building
Emigrant Savings Bank Building
633 Third Avenue
General Motors Building
53-57 Park Place
National Portfolio Properties Acquisition $3 Billion+ (7 States)

Exclusive Brokerage and Listing Agreements
Park Avenue Plaza
535 Madison Avenue
499 Park Avenue
Stamford Executive Center
Trump Tower
45 Broadway Atrium
175 Water Street
Inner harbor Office Tower
Cadillac Fairview portfolio of apartment complexes (ca. 2,000 units)

Facilities, Management and Standardization Programs
Evaluation and standardization of Retail Stores (54) Locations
Compliance, Audit and Standardization of Retail and Office (654) Locations