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Finding space is not a casual exercise; it requires that you, as tenant, focus on two key elements. First, you must think through and determine your own search criteria, the "wish list" for the space, so it will be clear whether the space you are shown will be suitable for your needs. Developing these search criteria requires you and your project team members to understand, with great specificity, both the needs that the new space is intended to satisfy and the resources available to the project. (See:
Other Consultants for Tenant) As part of this process, input will be required from members of your leasing project team, including the licensed architect, licensed engineer, other consultants, and your facilities director or project administrator. Second, and equally important, you must understand the nature of the space that is actually available to you. This may be accomplished by your using a broker and space search project team who are familiar with current market conditions and with spaces within buildings that are appropriate for your needs. Here, as with all professionals in the leasing process, the "right" broker can make all the difference. (See: How to Select a Broker)