New York City Commercial Leasing provides information on leasing commercial space & commercial real estate in New York City.

By consulting with Mr. Wood and allowing him to reorder the traditional real estate office leasing process prior to visiting and viewing space and prior to retaining a broker, you can achieve an up front one time savings on a typical office leasing transaction in the order of one to two times the fixed rent per rentable square foot (many times approaching savings of approximately $100 r.s.f.) for a typical full floor 10 to 15 year lease in New York City. Additionally a company can obtain greater levels of scope of services and higher ethical levels of fidelity and loyalty from the real estate service providers which are needed for the transaction success.

Coming to the United States: As can be seen from the topical sections of this educational website, early selection of consultants, accountants, architects, tax advisors, real estate brokerage firms, insurance brokers, engineers and inspectors, construction contractors, environmental advisors and legal counsel, places the mission of the company at a strategic advantage and streamlines the process to open the first business location in New York City and other major cities in the United States. Careful and timely formulation of objectives and obtaining help early in the process reduces risk and saves resources in a substantial and meaningful way. It is often difficult when entering a new market or commencing business operations in a new city to obtain under time pressure the best consultants and representation with only word of mouth and hurried under the gun research. It is often quite helpful to have as a resource an independent national advisor who is trained in the various disciplines to assist in the selection of the necessary talent in order to be able to choose among experienced vendors and those with a "track record" of ethicality and fidelity in the industry or profession needed. Putting together the various disciplinary teams is critical to long term success and a smooth short term start-up. Mr. Wood is considered one of the leading and most experienced consultants on forming and coordinating multidisciplinary teams to reduce facilities and portfolio risk, monitor liability and entitlement compliance and standardize ownership and to effectuate contracting cost reduction. Mr. Wood has, through his national experience directing large scale leasing, management and construction programs exceeding 50 million square feet, developed a considerable North American network of allied professionals and disciplines in the past 30 years and would be pleased to discuss the needs of your company and assist in the procurement of the necessary resources to make your entry into the United States a successful and rewarding experience. Already in the United States: Mr. Wood has assisted many companies in the standardization of contracting and management for the enhancement of cost and quality of real estate assets in the United States. Many of those companies have had existing portfolios of office and retail locations of 100 locations or more. Standardization of leasing and administration of corporate real estate support nationally can reduce long term risk, save major amounts of resources, help respond to the corporate needs for real estate and operations and cause real estate to be a fast responding working resource rather than unmanaged fixed overhead. With the correct blend of facilities managers and project administration vendors, real estate can become a competitive supporting and responsive asset. The standardization of costs and creation of uniform quality throughout the organization can make corporate real estate work harder for bottom line results. To discuss how to make corporate real estate more productive for your company, please contact Mr. Wood at Akerman Senterfitt LLP, 335 Madison Avenue, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10017, 212.880.3836 or email at