New York City Commercial Leasing provides information on leasing commercial space & commercial real estate in New York City.

Once you sign a lease for space in New York, you automatically become a New Yorker -- at least in the eyes of the law. You don't have to be physically present here, but your presence through your lease makes you subject to matters such as jurisdiction, regulatory approvals, taxes on sales, unincorporated business, and occupancy, and other possible liabilities and costs, such as those connected with litigation. (See:
Why Select Your Lawyer First) It makes sense to be prepared to deal with these issues by first establishing your team of specialists who will advise and assist you. Your team will consist of professionals who have experience addressing issues, including unique local requirements, to help you meet your specific needs. Such professionals include: a licensed real estate broker (See: How To Select a Broker); a professional engineer; a licensed architect; a licensed insurance agent; a public accountant; and a law firm to advise on and help negotiate the various issues involved in entering into a lease. (See: Other Consultants for Tenant)